A photographer, video director and writer based in Columbus, Ohio.

The Short Version

I grew up in a suburb outside of the city of Columbus, Ohio. Moved away briefly to study video production and creative writing at Ohio University.

Upon my grand return I began photographing bands and shooting music videos all around Ohio. I've been working in video production and photography professionally for a little over ten years in Columbus.

I've taken on many roles over the years, mainly as: a photographer, producer, video director and writer.

Arranging letters and stopping photons in their tracks all my life.


This is the stuff that I do best.
Portrait Photography
Combating the pesky fleetingness of life one photo at a time.
Photography Post-Processing
Get those pixels ready for their big debut.
Concert Photography
Live music photography, any genre. No country.
Video Production Consultation
Years of experience that'll have you walking onto every set prepared.
Columbus, OH, USA